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Our Yurts

Since September 2020 we have officially become new owners of the “Wedding in a Yurt” brand. We organize outdoor weddings in beautiful wooden yurts in the gardens of the Feill Manor House (Dwór Feillów, 30 km from Cracow, Poland). Yurt is a beautiful wooden structure, which on sunny days it is uncovered, and during the rain, thanks to waterproof solutions allow you to have fun regardless of weather. In yurts we can offer everything you want, All you have to do is show us your vision and we will take care of the finest details!

Nasze jurty

About us

Gabriela and Lucjan, fans of Italian cuisine, old movies and good music. We have always dreamt of our own place and finally we’ve made it happen! We always try to organize weddings in unusual places, and now we can invite you to our beautiful yurts! They can accommodate up to 100 people, but we do not have minimum number of guests. Intimate parties are our specialty! So if you want an outdoor wedding, birthday party, baby shower, maiden shower or different kind of workshops, write or call us!

Ślub w jurcie

Yurts plan

Both yurts will accommodate up to 90 wedding guests. Here we present you two of the possible table setting options. However, we look forward to your creativity. The exact arrangements will be discussed and agreed upon individually. Specially for our couples, we prepare two versions of the Guest seating plan, for sunny and rainy weather. The final decision is up to you! The example diagram below.


Wedding planner help

For over 5 years we’ve been organizing weddings and receptions in unusual places. We can advise you which solutions will work perfectly in yurts, and which will not necessarily. We will recommend you the best, proven subcontractors who offer services at the highest level. We arrange all the necessary details with them, coordinate their work on the day of the wedding and help them find their way in our space. On your request, we create a wedding cost estimate, work schedule and wedding and reception scenario. We prepare a coherent concept, realizing all your ideas. We share our knowledge and experience with you. We focus on details, so that each wedding is unique and perfectly matched. We are with you from the moment of signing the contract until your big day. Our help cannot be put into a few sentences, that’s why we encourage you to have your first casual online meeting or live one!


Write to us

If you are interested in organizing a wedding in our magic yurts, fill out a short form contact. In response, we will send you an offer and information whether your date is currently available.

    Ślub w jurcie
    Ślub w jurcie
    Ślub w jurcie

    Contact us

    Phone number: +48 504 625 620

    E-mail: jurtaslubna@gmail.com

    If you would like to visit us, we invite you to the Feill Manor House (Dwór Feillów) from May to September. In the other months we encourage you to meet over coffee, make a phone call or talk online.

    Dwór Feillów